Music Monday

Well, it's back to the routine today and I have just one word to say.


Yeah, one word.

Don't get me wrong. I do FULLY appreciate having had the last two weeks off. It's the longest vacation I've ever taken from work. And since Diva U. was actually closed for the last week, I don't feel like I'm wading through everything that happened while I was gone.

Because nothing happened.

I have to say, though, having been home for two weeks with my boys, and getting the sweetest kisses and hugs from The Manimal, I knew I'd miss that part. So just as I'm getting back into my routine, Diva Husband calls with his morning check-in.

DH: "The Manimal got up about 8:20 this morning."

Me: "Wow! He slept really well."

DH: "Yeah. As soon as he found out you were gone, he cried for 15 minutes."

Me: *uncontrollable sobbing*


Back to routine, I guess.

Nothing like a little blast from the past to cheer you up though.


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Hair Bows & Guitar Picks said...

I was kinda happy to see the kiddos back to school {wink}!