Girly Girl

I like playing with makeup. I don't wear it regularly, except for foundation, mascara and lip gloss, but I think it must be in my DNA. I am, after all, a girl!

I love the beautiful colors in the eye shadows. The blushes intrigue me. And I'm a sucker for my Chanel brushes. Whoever said that having the proper tools was half the battle was SO right!

Sephora may very well be the mothership.

Which is why I was so excited to see Sasha's latest giveaway...

Yes, there should be a picture here. But BOO on Blogger. It's being a poopy-head (maybe taking a lesson from SS#1) and won't let me upload images.

It's a brand-spanking-new A Day in the Life of a Beauty Addict beauty palette from Too Faced. Totally cute.

If you're a girly-girl (or know a girly-girl), go enter. Now.


heather said...

Could a girl get a link? Pretty please?? :)

ElleBee said...

I got so flustered with Blogger not letting me upload a picture that I forgot the links! Or maybe I can blame it on baby brain? :)

Namine said...

thanks for sharing I LOVe makeup!

Shell said...

Oooh, I love Sephora. We don't have one near us now, just Ulta. I'm convinced that they are NOT the same thing and that Sephora is better.