Just Do It

My friend Suzette is doing an American Cancer Society Relay for Life this weekend. She needs to raise $50 more to reach her goal. I think it would be cool if she could raise even more than that! How about going to her RFL site and donating? Even $10 can make a huge difference.

Giving up St*rbucks for Lent? Go see Suzette and donate two day's worth of drinks to her team. Giving up fast food? Go donate the price of two McD's Value Meals! Not giving anything up? Prayerfully and thoughtfully donate $10 to Suzette's team.

Do it for a teenager from my church who survived childhood cancer and is going for her annual "cancer checkup" today. Do it for my grandpa and uncle, both of whom died from cancer. Do it for your mom, sister, dad, brother, child, friend.

Do it for you.

Just do it.

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