Works for Me Wednesdays

I don't usually participate in WFMW, but this was such a deal, how could I not?

I listen to my iTunes at work. I love it. It keeps me sane. I would love to be able to listen to streaming radio or Pandora, but our firewalls don't love those at all.

I don't have as much music on my iTunes as those who know me IRL would think. iTunes recently raised most of their song prices to $1.29, which can add up pretty quickly. A $10 iTunes gift card that used buy 10 songs now only buys 7.

And I downloaded all of my CD's already.

So when free music is available, it's like manna to my frugal soul.

Right now, you can go to Amazon and download LOTS of free tunes. Granted some of them are...well...let's just say that there's a reason some of them are free. But there are loads of good tunes if you have 20 minutes or so to sort through the nearly 1500 available.

Did I mention they're free?

And that REALLY works for me!

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Liz said...

My husband streams pandora on his iphone. I'm jealous. :)