The REAL Reason That Men Want Boy Children...

It has nothing to do with carrying on the legacy of the name and everything to do with the toys.

Yes, the toys.

When The Tweenager was born, Diva Husband was rightfully proud. He created custom cigar wrappers with the little man's picture on them. He bought the child a Fisher Price Power Wheels truck before the kid was even old enough to sit up on his own.

When we welcomed The Manimal, I have to admit, I was hoping for a girl. You know, the classic boy and girl family. The Tweenager would have a little sister to torture protect, and she would have a big brother to admire.

All was well, though, and having two boys turned out to be economically sound. With just over five years between them, bikes and toys were handed down with little wear. Now, looking at life with three boys (in just a little more than a month, if all goes as expected), I've come to realize that I will actually be the mother of FOUR boys.

The fact that I'm actually MARRIED to one of them is irrelevant.

This is the Power Wheels truck that was handed down from Big Brother to Little Brother (as driven by Little Brother, aka The Manimal).

I feel compelled to point out that this was LAST summer, and technically it's Power Wheels, Version 1.2 (AFTER the DH modified the engine and added a turbo setting).

Yes. He modified the engine. Of a Power Wheels truck

Apparently this is not an uncommon thing for big boys dads to do, as there is an entire website devoted to modifying the Power Wheels Vehicles. My DH discovered this site, and now? The red Silverado Power Wheels that served both The Tweenager and The Manimal so well?

Is now a Custom Police Interceptor. With real police stickers, flashing lights and a siren (none of which, sadly, are visible or audible in this video).

Of course the boys love the fact that their dad is not only a big kid at heart, but is pretty daggone handy.

And DH is fairly giddy with the knowledge that he can continue unashamedly playing with toys for one more child.


♥Georgie♥ said...

LOL that he modified it!!!! vaaaroooom it goes fast!!!! the videos are beyond cute!

Jenny from Chicago said...

Such a great observation! Good luck in the next month (all will go well I'm sure)!