Reality Bites

I love to cook. I love to read cookbooks and go to places like Whole Foods and Dorothy Lane Market just to wander and dream about the delicious dishes I could make. I like to try new foods and count Ethiopian and Thai among my favorite cuisines.

Unfortunately I married a Mexican whose taste runs more to Taco Bell than authentic Mexican. When he finds something he likes, he really doesn't like to stray too far from it. He doesn't care too much for variety and doesn't like it when I "screw" with my recipes.

That being said, after eleven years of marriage, I can make a pretty mean taco dinner. So last night, in honor of the New Year, I made a "Mexican Feast", which really means I made a sort of Americanized version of traditional Mexican food.

It's pretty simple, really, once you figure out the rice. When Diva Husband and I first got married, I used Minute Rice to make red rice. Nearly gave my Mexican MIL a coronary. She taught me how to make red rice and I get it right about 60% of the time. Perfect rice is sticky business, hence the abundance of automatic rice cookers and minute rice.

Another bit I learned from DH was the deliciousness that is the corn tortilla. I grew up with hard shell tacos. Never saw a soft corn tortilla in my life. Now The Tweenager is taken with hard shells because he has grown up with soft tacos. Crazy how that works.

Our Mexican Feast turned out quite well, if I do say so myself. It's something the kiddos and the DH really enjoy. And though I may not be able to experiment as much as I'd like, the Mexican Feast is my little bite of reality.

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