Staffing Issues

My maternity leave is rapidly coming to an end. For the past three months, I've been working one day a week, a combination of in the office and from home. Little Darth, being fairly portable, came with me to the office. Today, I'll do a "dry run". I'll get up in time to shower, get myself ready, feed the baby, get him ready, and try to leave the house by 8 am.

I may have to get up at 3 am.

It's not really "back to work" yet. I'll be in the office a few hours today with Little Darth at my side, then "officially" back three days this week and three days next week, returning full-time after the MLK holiday.

All in an attempt to ease DH into having both The Manimal and Little Darth home all day. I'm not worried, though. He's a great dad, and will have the little guy on a great schedule in no time. The Tweenager returns to school today and preschool for The Manimal starts in two weeks.

I'm not really sad to be returning to work. I love what I do and the folks at Diva University are fabulous. But seriously? Who wouldn't miss this little coworker?

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