The Plan

I got SO excited about Laura's organizing challenge, that I didn't read the rules clearly the first time. Here's the plan for this somewhat (ok, VERY) daunting challenge:

Room to be organized? My office in the basement

What do I want the purpose to be? A quiet, efficient place for me to work on finances, crafts, letters, etc.

What can I remove from the room? A whole lotta stuff. Seriously, though, a small children's cabinet could go, as could several boxes of nothing.

What problems do I see with the room and what tools could be used to solve those? I tend to pile, rather than file, my paperwork. I do, however, have a filing cabinet already in the space. Also, I have two very tall bookshelves that, used in conjunction with baskets or plastic storage containers, could be more efficiently used.

What habits need to change to solve the organizational problems? As mentioned, I am a major-league pack rat. I also tend to use this space as a dumping ground for things. Out of sight, out of mind!

What kind of budget do I have to create the space of my dreams? A shoestring one! I do think, though, that I already have a lot of the items necessary to make this space MUCH more efficient.

What kind of timeline is necessary? I am the type of person who does better when all of my attention is focused on one project. If I can get a few solid days down there, I'll accomplish much more than taking the entire month.

What is my plan of action? My first steps will be three piles: keep, sell, trash. I do have some items that I want to have my husband post on E-Bay for me, and I'm sure there is a lot that can be trashed, especially in the way of paperwork. I'll bring the shredder and trash bags down for that pile first! After that, I'll gather the "sell" items and write descriptions and prices and take digital photos. Finally, I'll attack the "keep" pile and organize it!

Who can help me with this? As already mentioned, my hubby will help with the "sell" pile. I'll also enlist the help of Sweet Son #1. He's old enough to help sort through STUFF!

Well, the plan's in place, the room is chosen. Nothing left but the action! Stay tuned!



org junkie said...

Hi there, sounds like you have a great plan laid out. You asked about the graphic...all you have to do is right click on it and save to your hard drive and then upload into blogger the way you would any other picture. Hopefully that helps but feel free to email me direct if I can be of more assistance.

So glad you have joined in!!!

Perfectly Plump Preppy said...

This sounds like such a great challenge. I could totally use this course of action to clean out my linen closet! (What sort of linen closet has no room for linens anymore? Mine.)