Joseph Dearest, Joseph Mild

Must be tasty as well. Yes, dear friends, my dog has now eaten a full two-thirds of the Holy Family (and some of the livestock). I swear to you that I'm taking measures to avoid these results, but I'm pretty sure that The Manimal WANTS her to eat his toys.

I've learned three things from these acts of dog eats (plastic) man.

1. I need to buy some more serious rawhide chews.
2. The Manimal understands the gift part of Christmas better than I give his little nearly three year old mind credit.
3. Clearly the Little People Nativity means more to me than the boys!


Noah's Mommy said...

oh lord.....not good....but so funny...I can only imgaine what was going through that little peanut size brain.....too funny

Ronnica said...

This is hilarious!

April said...

Ha, ha!! Our Little People Nativity set is guarded very closely when I pull it out - poor kids can't understand why they can't play with their toys!

Megryansmom said...

Happy Friday!