Photo Finish!

Well, I'm back in the land of the living, finally! You know how when you're sick and you really just want your mom, but then you remember that you ARE the mom?


Anyway, my mom called me yesterday to ask if I'd watched Oprah while I was home DYING. Well, not dying, maybe, but feeling really icky. The answer was no, since I was sleeping (for four blissful hours, uninterrupted by children, husband, or dog).

Apparently they were discussing de-cluttering. Which, as an aside, I need to do DESPERATELY, but surprisingly enough, that's not really why Mom called.

If you are like I, and LOVE to take pictures, but suffer from a severe case of digitalphotograveyarditis (where your photos reside for perpetuity on your computer or worse yet, in your camera), then this offer is for you!

Go now to Oprah's site and get your FREE (well, $6.99 shipping and handling) 20 Page Snapfish Custom Photo Book. This is a-freaking-mazing. It's a $30 value and you can create a hardcover photo album. Even if you're like my friend Heather, who claims her creativity stops at her wrist (love ya chica!), you can make a fabulous keepsake.

There is a catch. You have to be quick. You only have until tomorrow sometime (it was 48 hours from when the show ran, which was Wednesday) to claim it, and must redeem it by November 16th. You also have to create or have a Snapfish account, but that's free (and a great way to print those digital photos, btw!).

I created mine last night and will probably do a second, which isn't free, but because I already got one free, it's still a good buy at $30 plus shipping. It would make a great Christmas gift for those of you doing Christmas on a budget!

Oh, and if you're actually DOING the de-cluttering now, she's also got an offer for 20% off of your Container Store purchase HERE. It's good for in-store, online and phone purchases! I *heart* The Container Store, but they're not exactly fruGAL friendly, so this 20% coupon could be a great bonus!


sunrae said...

I am glad that you are feeling better!
Thanks for the info on the pic book.
My hubby always asks when I am going to devlop the pics.

Guess what Merry Christmas Hubby
Photo book!
Thank you my friend for the idea!

Talk to you soon!

tommie said...

First, so glad you are feeling better.

Next, you had me at Container Store..I think that is my version of Nirvana.

Thanks for visiting my blog! Happy Thursday.