A Mile a Minute

OK, kids, seat belts buckled? Helmets on? This is gonna be one wild and crazy ride. Hang on tight, 'cause here.we.go!


I've recently re-discovered how much I like to give myself manicures and paint my nails. Part of it is thanks to Sasha. If you've never visited her, go now and check her out. Well, maybe not now, but at the end of this post!

Sasha is mom to The Politician and Wild Child (who I'm pretty sure would give The Manimal a run for his money--please Sasha, bring her to the Diva House and let them have a go!) and has a thing for bargain shopping and beautiful fingernails (among other interests!). She introduced me e-polish blog ("Jewels, not tools!") and this, my single most favorite nail product in the universe.

This is Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat. It is amazing. If you paint your own nails, go buy it NOW!

I've used other fast dry products before, but this one is in.cre.di.ble.

Which brings us to:


Not for nails this time, but plain old acrylic water-based craft paint. And this sweet, innocent face.

I really should've taken pictures, but seeing as how it was past 10 pm and I was in bed when I discovered it, I didn't.

Last week, I had to work late, so Diva Husband picked the boys up from day care. They had a grand old time, playing with the trains and such. On my way home, DH called to ask where I'd been storing the craft paint. Now, while DH is super handy around the house, he's not exactly crafty, so I just knew this conversation could lead nowhere good.

Diva Husband: "Where did you keep the craft paint?"

Me: "It was on the back of the counter behind the phone. Why?"

DH: "Wellll...The Manimal found it."

M: "How long did you leave him alone for?"

When I got home, the paint was cleaned up from the kitchen table, chairs and floor, so I (mistakenly) assumed all was well. When I got upstairs, I saw Princess sporting the latest in toddler-applied fashion makeup--yellow smears along her back, a la Pepe La Pew.

The boy? Sound asleep, hands covered in paint and hairline/forehead area just caked with dry paint.

They both took a bath the next morning. He went willingly. She? Notsomuch.

No fun segues here, but on to:


Debi from YaYa Chique is doing a YaYa Christmas Giveaway and guess what?

Yeppers! I won Day 6! That's me, ElleBee with my other blog.

Here are the goodies headed my way:

Debi describes my prize this way: "This time the yaya is going "retro"! A cookbook with over 101 recipes for chocolate, coasters designed from vintage 45 records, Redneck vintage magnets and your very own "Trailer Trash" bling koozie! what more could a lady want :)"

Y'all need to go and visit her site and check out her beautiful decorating style as well as her fun giveaway!

I wish someone would do a giveaway for grading papers.

Yes, papers...

This semester, I taught a class. It wasn't my first time teaching college kids, but it was my first time teaching freshmen. Sigh. I won't go into great detail, but I have 19 final papers on the book Persepolis 2 (amazing book, btw) to grade and final grades due tomorrow.

I must not have been paying attention when we covered procrastination...

Well, the ride is ending. Please remain seated with your seatbelts fastened until the ride comes to a complete stop. The Working Diva knows that you have many blogs when it comes to your reading enjoyment and appreciates you choosing Musings for your current entertainment.

Hope to see you back soon!


C. Beth said...

Yay, you WON! So fun!

sunrae said...

The seche vite "Rocks" I discovered when I use to work in the salon!
Sounds like little man is keeping you very busy!

Jenners said...

Whew...that was a lot! Good thing I buckled my seatbelt!

Yay for the win! Enjoy!
I can't imagine a more ominous thing than the one about the craft paint.
Cool being a teacher and stuff.
The nail polish sounds cool.

Keep on going.....

heather said...

Wait, I didn't get my complimentary pretzels or beverage! Oh, that's right. Cutbacks.

April said...

I rock the acrylic nails (gasp!). I know - not many are into them, but I love the salon I go to and I love all the colored acrylics out now. I always have some new color on the tips ... my natural nails just aren't strong enough to hold up to my busy days! Sasha has great nails, as does the e-polish blog gal.
And congrats on the winning!! I hope someday I win a giveaway ... that would be so exciting!! I enter enough of them ... my day is bound to come! :o)

Sandra said...

DD's youngest, Mimi, found a bottle of white-out at our house one time, and came down the stairs with it painted all over her body! Her daddy immediately put her in the bath tub and scrubbed it off her, then scrubbed the bathroom walls and tub where she had also painted it!

Sometimes Grandma's forget about putting things up out of the way of little ones!

Sasha said...

Yay! I knew you'd love Seche Vite. I can't believe I ever painted my nails without it!