Hard As Nails

I was so inspired by Sasha and Katee that I decided to document my attempt to grow my nails. I haven't figured out how to get decent pictures of my hands, so it's safe to say that I won't be getting any hand modeling contracts anytime soon!

Here are my nails yesterday. The color is something Revlon. I liked it in the bottle and a LOT better on my nails. The topcoat is my fave Seche Vite product, of course! I really just wanted to show my "before" pictures!

With any luck, in about four months, I'll have nails like Katee's (her amazing nails are all-natural, btw)! Nail polish all the time and "jewels, not tools!" Woo-hoo!


Sasha said...

I think you've got a fabulous start- if we all follow Katee's tips, we'll all have gorgeous nails before long!

Ronnica said...

I have no problem growing long, beautiful nails. But she's right...you've got to keep them polished. Protects them, plus makes you want to be nicer to them.