Deck the Halls

I love to think about holiday decorating.


THINK about holiday decorating.

With recent economic circumstances in the Diva Family, we've not had a lot of extra cash, and let's just say that things like a working refrigerator take precedence over pretty decorations.

I also love being artsy-craftsy. Stores like Michael's and Joann's call out to me with their siren song of pretty papers, inks, beads and glass ornaments.

Enter Etsy.

For those of you who aren't crafty, have been living under a virtual rock or have your computer time limited by your Club Penguin-addicted children may not be familiar with this incredible site, it's basically an online shopping mall of handmade treasures.

I've made two Etsy purchases and absolutely love them both! One was a mother's bracelet from Nina Gibson Designs, and one was my beloved Beatrice from Siansburys.

Recently I discovered another Etsy Shop that combines my love of decorating with my love of all things artsy craftsy.

My friend Bumblebee makes these absolutely gorgeous garlands. They're made of heavy paper and STITCHED onto the string! None of this gluey, sticky, come-off-the string cheap paper garland stuff for her!

Look at this darling Princess/Diva garland. I may have to buy it and put it in my office!

And this party pennant garland would be sooooo cute for a party or get-together!

And can't you just see these sweet little blue butterflies flitting around a little girl's room or kids' playroom?

And the best part is the price. Right now no garland in her shop is more than $10! Very affordable on the home/holiday decor budget!

Go check out Bumblebee's shop on Etsy and pick up one of her garlands for yourself!


heather said...

I blame you for that face that I'm now in LOVE with this: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=26928975

ElleBee said...

:) Blame away, dearie! I love my bracelet. Maybe you can drop a not-so-subtle hint to your hubs...or I could! ;)