Where are Stacy and Clinton when you need them?

I used to be a huge fan of awards shows. Not sure why, but I really enjoyed them. Now? Notsomuch.

Maybe it's because I can count on one hand the number of movies I watched in the theatre in the last nine years. Or maybe the fact that my television maturity has been severely stunted by Nickelodeon, The Disney Channel and PBS Kids.

For some odd reason, with about forty minutes to kill last night, I turned on the Emmys. I'd missed most of the big awards, but I got the sense that, with a few exceptions, I'm apparently even more out of touch than I thought when it comes to current television.

How did I figure this out?

Well, out of the seven shows nominated for Outstanding Drama, I've seen episodes from exactly ONE of them (House). And the Outstanding Comedy is even sadder. Out of those seven? Not a blessed one. The rest of my results were pretty similar.

Out of eighteen non-technical categories, I've seen House, American Idol, Dancing With the Stars, The Closer, Law & Order: SVU, Monk, SNL and The Letterman Show.

That's it.

I felt even more out of the loop when I watched Cherry Jones win for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama.

I never heard of Cherry Jones.

Not even name recognition. At least I'm pretty good with having HEARD of most of the actors.

But the one thing that never fails to entertain me is the fashion recap on the day following any major awards show.

There's always your typical "Best and Worst", and this year was no exception. But ohmygranny...one just really stood out.

Almost makes me wish I would've watched one of the pre-event shows this year just to hear the commentator's reaction.

Witness this "off the Barack" creation sported by actress Victoria Rowell...

Kind of ironic when you consider what a fashion icon Mrs. O. has become.

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