Picnic Guests

The Manimal is at a fun age. He's very imaginative and has a strong bond with the Fire Ants. If you're in the southern part of the USA, you know that fire ants are nasty little creatures. Diva Nana tells a story from when we lived in Mississippi and I sat in a fire ants' nest. The little beasts invaded my diaper and ohmygranny.

You can imagine what my reaction must have been. I'm just grateful that I have no memory whatsoever of the incident.

As you could probably guess, our fire ants aren't real, except in the vivid imagination of one almost four year-old.

I was a bit puzzled, though, when he started talking about them. He's never seen real fire ants and we've never discussed them.

One day, though, he solved the mystery for me. He was telling me a very elaborate story about how the fire ants got arrested.

By the police ants.

Off now to make my bread and hear more tales of the fire ants!

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