Toot Your Own Horn

OK, I give up. I've been trying for nearly an hour to get this button to post, and it simply won't. Not only that, but it makes my text go all wonky when I switch between HTML and Compose mode. I'm going to blame it on Blogger.

So you'll just have to imagine that there is a lovely little black and plum colored button here.

Auds from Barking Mad may just be that. She's giving away a $250 Target Gift Card.

Yep, you read that right. TWO HUNDRED FIFTY DOLLARS. And all you have to do is create a blog post featuring some of your own favorite posts! Well, and post the button, but we all see how successful THAT attempt was.

So here goes.

Family Recipes

I Am

Caucus Schmaucus

Growth Spurt

Separated at Birth?

Male Pattern Blindness

Hope you enjoy my faves, and don't forget to visit Auds at Barking Mad!

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Elaine said...

Thanks for sharing; I'll have to check them out!